Give a laptop and a PC lecture to each child.


e2 project

e2 Project is giving laptops and PC lecture classes to the children under / formerly under social care in Japan.
The project is funded by recycling used devices that were donated from companies.

PC Lecture Class

1― Welcome to the class!

Most of the time, the class is held at Lights On Children’s multi-purpose space “LOCer’s ROOM“, while on other occasion it is held at an office of the sponsor company. Volunteers are briefed on children’s homes and the children themselves before they participate.

2― Opening your laptop

After everyone introduces him- or herself, the kids get to open their laptops on the desk. The laptop is compact and as good as new, though it is a recycled product. It comes with a USB mouse, a USB memory stick, textbooks and a bag to carry them all.

3― One-on-one tutoring

While there is a main lecturer in the front, every child is paired with a volunteer and they together work on the learning subjects. Volunteers will support the child learn in his/her own pace by answering questions and searching for answers together.

4― Learn How to Use Office Software

The laptop is ready-to-use with Microsoft Office, security software and typing software installed. In the lecture class, children will learn the basic skills of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point, as well as some basic knowledge of the Internet and Email.

5― Lunch Break!

We usually order food delivery for lunch. Everyone gets to choose what they want to have. Everyone has a fun time chatting about their schools and their part-time jobs and everything over lunch.

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6― A Chance To Talk With Grown-ups

Volunteers at e2 Project lecture classes come from a wide variety of occupational backgrounds. Direct exchange with such grown-ups will broaden the children’s horizons, especially since these children are around the age of leaving their children’s home (which is usually 18).

7― Presentation Using PowerPoint

At the end of the lecture, each child gives a presentation about his/her own dreams. The children reveal their characters through the content and the style of the presentations. This is the moment of joy for the volunteers and staffs.

8― With Your Own Laptop, To The Next Step

Each child can bring back the laptops and accesories they’ve been using for 2 days and keep them.
Any child who wishes to acquire a PC skill qualification or to simply pursue higher skills, are welcomed to “e2 plus”, our follow up learning session.

* The above description is based on past classes, but you may find some changes in future classes.

Voices of participated children

“Half or more of the lecture content was new to me”


Rated on a five-point scale asking “To what extent was the content of this lecture class new to you?” (講習会の内容のうち、初めて知る内容はどの程度含まれていましたか?). The graph shows the % of the sum of the two answer points “almost everything was new” (ほぼすべてが初めて知る内容だった) and “more than half was new” (半分以上が初めて知る内容だった). The rating was done voluntarily and anonymously, N = 57 children.

“The event was satisfying/meaningful to me”


Rated on a five-point scale asking “To what extent was this event overall satisfying to you? The ‘event overall’ may include the time when you were not using the computer, such as the lunch breaks” (今回のイベント全体の満足度を教えてください。パソコン講習だけではなく、パソコンを使っていなかった昼休みなどの時間も含めます。) or “To what extent was this event overall meaningful to you? The ‘event overall’ may include the time when you were not using the computer, such as the lunch breaks” (今回のパソコン講習会は全体として有意義でしたか?パソコンを使っていなかった時間(昼休みなど)も含めて構いません。). The graph shows the % of the sum of the two answer points “satisfying” (満足) and “rather satisfying” (どちらかというと満足だった) or the two answer points “very meaningful” (とても有意義だった) and “rather meaningful” (どちらかというと有意義だった). The rating was done voluntarily and anonymously, N = 57 children (question of satisfaction N = 42 children, question of meaningfulness N = 15 children).

Photo Gallery

Photo Credit:, Lights On Children

e2 Project Past Records

Number of children under / formerly under social care who participated in lecture classes of e2 Project (including the visiting lectures)


As of June 1st 2020

Cooperation With Social Care Instituions

Lights On Children has had the opportunity to cooperate with children’ homes and other social care institutions listed below.
A number of children from foster parents 里親) and family homes (ファミリーホーム) have also participated in the program.

As of June 1st 2020, in random order. Annotation: * shows independence support home (自立援助ホーム), ** shows maternal and child living support facility (母子生活支援施設), *** shows psychological treatment facility for children (児童心理治療施設), † shows visiting lecture only.


Futaba Gakuen

Futaba Musashigaoka Gakuen

Shinagawa Keitoku Gakuen

Tokyo Katei Gakko

Sei Yozefu Home [St. Joseph Home]

おうぎ寮 *
Ougi-ryo *

Meguro Wakaba-ryo

Tokyo Ikusei-en

Chofu Gakuen

Christmas Village

Renge Gakuen


あすなろ荘 *
Asunaro-sou *

SOS Kodomo Mura

Kyuseigun Kieko-ryo [Salvation Army Kiekoryo]

Seibi Home

カリタスの園 小百合の寮
Caritas-no-sono Sayuri-no-ryo


Tokyo Salesio Gakuen

Kane-no-naru-oka Shonen-no-ie

Bethlehem Gakuen

Twin Leaf Matsukaze


Shisei Gakuen

Mushashino Jido Gakuen

Tokyo Keimei Gakuen

Choyo Gakuen

Shisei Ozora-no-ie

板橋区立カーサはるにれ **
Itabashi Casa Harunire **

Nishidai Kodomo-kan


Seichou-no-ie Kami-no-kuni-ryo

Tsukuba Aiji-en

Daini Chofu Gakuen

Tokyo-to Shakujii Gakuen

Bott-hakase Kinen Home
[Bott Memorial Home]

Kinka Gakuin


ふたばホーム **
Futaba Home **

Kodomo-no-ie (in Kochi City)

Kochi Misono Tenshi-en

さくらの森学園 ***
Sakura-no-mori Gakuen ***





Information For People Engaged In Social Care

Get your child a PC lecture class for free

  • Eligibility: Children living under / formerly under social care are eligible. Children in junior high school or younger cannot participate.
  • Fee: The PC lecture class is for free (lunch served). You still need to pay your transportation fares.
  • The PC lecture class takes place for two days. Participants will learn about the basic skills of Word, Excel and Power Point, and the basic knowledge about the Internet.
  • Lights On Children staff will serve as the main lecturer, and employees from the cooperating company will participate as volunteers. For the children participating, the interaction with grown-ups adds to the educational value of this lecture class.

Give your child A Laptop For Free

  • Children who have completed the 2-day lecture class will be presented the laptop and a set of accessories they used (a USB mouse, a USB memory stick, textbooks, a laptop bag).
  • Participating in the 2-day lecture is necessary to win the free laptop. You cannot get the laptop without participation.
  • A “Refreshed PC” is a high-quality used/recycled personal computer with official Microsoft OS installed. In addition, Lights On Children is installing a Microsoft Office purchased through Microsoft’s Registered Refurbisher Program.

Information For Companies And Other Businesses

We are asking companies and other businesses to contribute to e2 Project by the means described below.
(Please be informed that we currently cannot pick up devices from households.)

―Donate your computers etc. in your office

―Volunteer in our PC lecture class

Contact Us Via Email To Start.
  • Acceptable Devices: We accept laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones that are used in office. For other related devices, please contact us.
  • You need to have around 30 or more devices with a certain level of spec (CPU strength, storage capacity) and condition.
  • In principle, we do not accept devices from households. Still, if you have 30 or more devices for donation, we might be able to pick them up. Please read this page and send us your list of devices (with names and model numbers) and your address.
We Will Make An Agreement And Set The Date For Collection.
  • Your company and NPO Lights On Children (hereafter referred to as LOC) will sign an agreement. IBM Japan, Ltd. (hereafter IBM Japan) will assess your devices and have their data erased. IBM Japan will disburse the amount of money corresponding to the assessed price to LOC. LOC will receive that money as a donation from your company, and issue a donation receipt.
We Will Pick Up Your Devices, Have Their Data Erased And Reuse/Recycle Them.
  • Your devices will be carried by IBM Japan to it's own PC recycling plant (IBM Hino Refurbish Center), have their data erased, and prepared for reuse. We can arrange a visit to the Refurbish Center and/or issue a data erasure completion report. See IBM Japan's web page for further details of their service (in Japanese only).
  • The devices you provide will be inspected and prepared for reuse by IBM Japan, and they will be sold/reused as high-quality refreshed PCs. Some of the refreshed PCs will be donated to children through LOC.
The Money Earned From The Recycling Of Your Devices Will Be Used To Purchase PCs For Children.
  • The amount of money corresponding to the assessed price of the devices will be disbursed from IBM Japan to LOC. LOC will receive this money as a donation and use it to purchase IBM Refreshed PCs and other accessories.
  • "IBM Refreshed PC" is a high-quality reuse PC with official Windows 10.
  • LOC will purchase official Micrsoft Office through Microsoft's Registered Refurbisher Program and install it to the IBM Refreshed PCs.
We'll give a 2-day Lecture And Present The Refreshed PCs To The Children!
  • Children living under / formerly under social care, including children's homes, are eligible to this program.
  • The PC lecture class takes place for two days. Participants will learn about the basic skills of Word, Excel and Power Point, and the basic knowledge about the Internet.
  • LOC staff will serve as the main lecturer, and employees from the cooperating company can participate as volunteers.
No handling fee and transportation charge.
The overall process - from your first inquiry to the collection and reuse of your PCs, and the issuing of data erasure completion report - will be done for free. Charges could be incurred provided you specify the method or the number of times of the data erasure.
With sustainability in mind.
This project is targeting environmental issues and educational issues (equality) at the same time. Some companies contribute to this project with ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) investment and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in mind.

Voices from Cooperating Businesses

For inquiries and offers of possible cooperation on this project, please contact us.

Open Contact Form

Contact the NPO Running e2 Project:
Specified Nonprofit Organization Lights On Children (特定非営利活動法人ライツオン・チルドレン)
Maia Shibuya Sakuragaoka #201, 30-12 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 150-0031