The Hub Of People And Information Surrounding Social Care.


LOCer's ROOM (ロッカーズ・ルーム)

LOCer’s ROOM (ロッカーズ・ルーム) is Lights On Children’s multi-purpose space located in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Lights On Children is acting to lower the barriers between social care and the outside world. Our ultimate goal is to become a hub of people and information surrounding social care. LOCer’s ROOM is the base for such activities.

LOCer's ROOM (ロッカーズ・ルーム) has ceased operations as of 2020.



It refers to the people involved in the Lights On Chidren community.

Children under / formerly
under social care

Businesses contributing
to Lights On Children

Members of
Lights On Children

People engaged in
social care

LOCer’s ROOM Is A Multi-purpose Space

Lectures And Events For Children

Various lectures and events for children are held at LOCer’s ROOM, such as PC lecture classes (e2 Project), job-related lectures (Job Rehearsal) and cooking classes (Orange Club).

Connecting Children And Adults

Many children in children’s homes don’t have any home to go after they leave children’s home at the age of 18 (or 20). For these children, the lack of social capital is potentially a serious problem. Therefore, even a short period of time spent with an adult listening to their stories is of significance. Someone needs to get involved with these children before their small missteps become a serious burdens.
In FY 2017, we launched “LOCer’s CAFE” to support children’s home’s after care.

Connecting Adults

Connecting social care and businesses and bringing real impact to the children is an important part of Lights On Children’s mission. We will organize a talk event for people engaged in social care or for people in businesses and other organizations (“Supporters BAR” (支援者BAR)).

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Voices Of The Visitors

Gather For Simple & Easy Cooking?Recipes


Orange Club

Children (mainly the ones who have left social care) and volunteers gather at LOCer’s ROOM and try simple, easy and cheap cooking recipes. We will of course enjoy the dishes together after cooking.

DateMenuCooperationNews Post
July 23rdKeema curry, instant pickles
annin tofu
Tokyo Star Bank News Post
November 11thPenne arrabbiata, boiled egg salad
chef's special dessert
Tokyo Star Bank News Post
November 11thChirashizushi, Hamburg steakTokyo Star Bank News Post
FY 2017
DateMenuCooperationNews Post
July 30thOne-pot pasta (2 recipes), SaladsTokyo Star Bank News Post
October 29thKeema curry, SaladTokyo Star Bank News Post
November 23rdKatsu-don (pork cutlet on rice bowl),
tsuke-mono (Japanese pickles)
Tokyo Star Bank News Post
January 28thOmlette rice, coleslaw saladDeutsche Bank Group News Post
February 28thOne-pot pasta with cheese and sausage,
deli style boiled egg salad
Tokyo Star Bank,
Barilla Japan
News Post
FY 2016
August 28thdry curry (curried pilaf), stick vegetables 6 dips, fruit punchTokyo Star Bank
November 20thOne-pot pasta (2 recipes), saladTokyo Star Bank
March 26thDonburi (bowled rice) using a single panTokyo Star Bank

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For People Engaged In Social Care

This is a really casual cooking event for children.

  • Eligibility: High school students in children’s homes and people who have previously lived in children’s homes.
  • Requirements: The only thing you need to bring is your apron. No degree of experience in cooking is required.
  • Lights On Children will provide the transportation fare for people that have already left children’s homes.

To join and for more details, contact Lights On Children.

Businesses That Have Contributed to LOCer’s ROOM

(As of October 1st 2018, in random order)

Information For Businesses And Individuals

We need financial contributions from you in order to keep LOCer’s ROOM open and running.
Donated money will be used to pay the fixed-costs such as the rent, or to pay the costs of each events described in this page.

Contact us for more details and inquiries about LOCer’s ROOM and the related events described on this page.

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Contact The NPO Running LOCer’s ROOM:
Specified Nonprofit Organization Lights On Children (特定非営利活動法人ライツオン・チルドレン)
Maia Shibuya Sakuragaoka #201, 30-12 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 150-0031