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Seminar In Your Office

Lights On Children’s “Seminar In Your Office” (企業内・社員向け啓発セミナー) is a seminar about Japanese social care (社会的養護). Lights On Children’s staff and/or a children’s home staff will visit your office and give a lecture. This seminar is intended to raise awareness of social care facilities and the children in need of help, and ultimately motivate the audience to participate in charity activities. (This seminar is basically presented in Japanese.)


The seminar can be held during lunch break or after the end of working hours of your workplace.


The seminar can be held in a conference room or a seminar room etc. in your workplace.

Lights On Children’s staff and/or a staff working in a children’s home will visit your workplace and give a lecture.

Content Of The Seminar

What is social care?
What is a children’s home?
Life in children’s home

Have you heard about
“Friend Home” ?
(“Weekend Foster Parents”)

What kind of help
do children’s homes
really need?

In this seminar, we will talk about the current state of Japanese social care (社会的養護), children’s homes and the children under social care.
We will also introduce you the system of “Friend Home” (“Weekend Foster Parents”).
This seminar is basically presented in Japanese, but we do have some English content prepared.
For further details, please contact us.

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