For The Children In Need Of Social Support.
Together With Businesses And Individuals.

Annual Report
(in Japanese only)

Lights On Children (ライツオン・チルドレン)

A nonprofit organization (NPO) based in Tokyo, Japan.

Teach & Learn

We are providing educational and skills training programs to the children under social care.

Raising Awareness

We are calling businesses to join us raise awareness on social care and children’s homes.

Connect & Gather

We are promoting interactions between social care and businesses, individuals, and tackle the issues together.

The Social Issue We Are Focusing On

1― What is “social care” ?

The Japanese “social care” (社会的養護) is the system in which local governments provide protective care to children without parents or children whose parents are unable to raise the child.
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2― Children’s homes & foster parents

Anyone can suddenly become unable to raise their child. What happens to the child in such case? Within the system of social care, they will be taken care by children’s homes (児童養護施設) or foster parents (里親) instead of their parents.
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3― These children deserve more support

Every child has the right to live their childhood like a child. Every child also has the right to prepare for adulthood and social independence during childhood. The children without sufficient parental care deserve special attention and care, and more needs to be done. This is our cause.

4― Together with you!

To achieve our goal, everyone from children’s homes, foster parents, businesses to volunteers needs to get connected and work together. There should be something you as an individual or your company can do. We are here to help you help the children.

Our Projects

Lights On Children’s measures to tackle the issues.

Teach & Learn

Children engage in a hands-on and creative learning experience by utilizes computers.
They also learn to appreciate other people’s work and give constructive feedback.


Raising Awareness

Listen To The Stories Of Social Care In Your Office.

This is a seminar about Japanese social care. A Lights On Children staff and/or a children’s home staff will visit your office and give a lecture. This seminar is intended to raise awareness of social care facilities and the children in need of help, and ultimately motivate the audience to participate in charity activities.


A web media specializing in Japanese social care.

35,000 children unable to live with parent(s) in Japan. Lights On Children’s “社会で子育てドットコム” (Shakai de Kosodate .com) is a platform to promote awareness and involvement of each citizen. (Provided only in Japanese.)

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Connect & Gather

The ability to utilize information and IT is now part of the fundamental skills for our everyday lives.
On April 2021, we will start providing a seminar about basic IT security & literacy for social care facilities.


Our Supporters

Lights On Children’s activities are supported by dozens of companies.

(Excerpt from the entire list of supporters, in random order)

Cooperated with


social care facilities

Cooperated with


companies and businesses

Got involved with


children under / formerly under social care

As of September 30th 2019

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We Need Your Support

Lights On Children is supported by citizens like you.

Info For Social Care Facilities

Lights On Children is dedicated to expanding the possibilities of children in Japanese social care with a close look into the situation each child is in. Please encourage the children in your facility (or foster parents) and the people discharged from social care to join our programs.

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Requests For Businesses

Lights On Children is providing businesses an opportunity to learn about, think about and participate in the Japanese social care. We are pleased to be part of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Please contact us for more information.

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Request For Individuals

Currently Lights On Children is not accepting individual volunteers, but donations will help us run the projects and are deeply appreciated. You can also help us by sharing Lights On Children’s activities to your friends or on social media.

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