Help Us Widen The Circle Of Support For Social Care.


en” is a novelty goods of Lights On Children, which we are giving to visitors at some of our events.
Granular salt from Wajima (輪島), Japan, is packaged into a compact case.

The name “en” comes from an overlap of multiple meanings――――

Our gratitude to the connection (縁, pronounced “en“) with all our supporters

The circle of people supporting children in social care

Our mission to enlighten the public on social care issues, and to encourage and enable the children in need

The item itself – salt (塩, pronounced “en“)

――――We wish this product is going to widen the circle of support in your community.

Social Care (社会的養護) Is An Issue For Everyone In This Society.

If you have attended our “Seminar In Your Office”, please share what you learned and what you thought on social media or directly to your friends.
Sharing such things could lead to other businesses and organizations to take part in the issue of social care.
Of course, new applications for “Seminar In Your Office” are greatly appreciated!

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“Wajima-no-kaien Tubushio” (わじまの海塩 粒塩) is granular salt from Wajima (輪島), Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.
The salt is made 100% from sea water off the coast of Wajima, by slowly crystallizing it at a low temperature of 40°C and then roasting it quickly by hand.

It could be used when you:

  • sport, take a sauna or climb a mountain
  • eat salads or fried food
  • drink a cup of water in the morning
  • need nutrition in a state of emergency (Take it with you in your bag or your car just in case)

* Take up to 3 grains of this product at a time.
* 5 grains of this product is equivalent to approximately 0.1 gram of salt content. (25 grains of this product is equivalent to 1 liter of the sports drink “Pocari Sweat”)
* No anti-caking agent, no additive and no sugar included.

Check out the supplier Bimi-to-kenko(株式会社 美味と健康)’s website for more infromation (Japanese only).



Sea water (Sea water off the coast of Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, 100%)

Nutrition Facts (100g)

Calories 0kcal
Protein 0g
Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 0g
Sodium 35000mg
Potassium 47mg
Magnesium 295mg
Calcium 527mg

Hazardous Substances

Heavy metal Below threshold
Lead Below threshold
Copper Below threshold
Arsenic Below threshold
Mercury Below threshold
Cadmium Below threshold
Microbiological examination: coliform bacteria Negative (per 0.1g)*

* Microbiological examination was conducted in accordance with Standard Methods of Analysis in Food Safety Regulation (食品衛生検査指針) in Japan.

Best Before

This product has no best-before date.
* This product is not completely sealed, so consume it before long.
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